Ninja Your Life with Sahnya!

Ninja Your Life With Sahnya coaching is par excellence coaching for men, women, elite athletes, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to build and live like a THRIVER.

You either flourish or you languish. I help you flourish!

I'm a very different kind of coach. I have a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and a 6th Degree Black Belt in Karate. I'm also a personal fitness trainer 20+ years and teach mindfulness and meditation 15+ years. This gives me an edge on coaching that produces REAL CHANGE and breakthroughs. I also help you get through life's "curve balls" as a stronger and more resilient person. I do this with individuals and organizations. 

My strategies are well-rounded, firm yet compassionate, and I ask the right questions.  I know where to intervene, how, and why. I don't believe in complicated self-helpy "fluffy" theories that ambulate around the problem. No one has time for that mess. My approach is like a sword cutting through the obstacles that keep you from achieving your greatest self.

We truly ninja your life!

With my strategies, we drop the drama and past stuff that slows your growth and move forward with momentum that produces the life you want. This is THRIVING! Momentum is key!

Life is too short to live at a status quo level.
Life is too short to just survive through the day!

I coach you to THRIVE mentally, physically, spiritually, and professionally and savor the process. We work on mindset, behavior changes, reinvention, conscious choices, and more!

My Specialties Are
  • Daily positive self-care rituals and routines
  • Optimal Wellbeing hacking (biohacking, etc.)
  • Life change and transition thriving skills (notice, I didn't say coping)
  • Daily mindset routines for success, happiness, and health
  • Practical stress reduction tools and letting go exercises
  • Taking massive action towards lifestyle transformation
  • Goal setting, momentum, and achievement strategies 
  • Life purpose, meaning, direction, and spiritual growth
  • Living your truth and alignment with your greatest potential
  • Mindful living and daily meditations 
  • Making breakthroughs and getting unstuck NOW
  • Daily conscious living (happiness is a choice and practice)
  • Resilience and GRIT
  • Vitality (e.g. fitness, nutrition, energy)
  • Soul Restoration & Healing after loss & unwanted change
Coaching Rates & Packages:
Please fill out the form below and inquire about my rates and available packages. 

My Ideal Client (The Right Fit):
It's important to have the right fit to be successful. My ideal client is someone who seeks to THRIVE personally and professionally. Not just "get by."

My clients are successful, disciplined, and dedicated. We specifically design your life the way you want and desire and then set realistic goals, strategies, action plans, and metrics to measure your progress. My coaching works. It will stir your soul, in a good way. You WILL grow and transform just like a New Stronger Phoenix Rising!

You got the WILL? 
I've got the WAY!
Let's get you started! ​​
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